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Starting with a focus in the health sciences, now has registrants in 193 (of 195) UN countries, a $16 million endowment, 7 years of uniquely offering courses for credit for free, and funders and partners including CDC, Harvard, NATO, Stanford, and WHO.  This free model has been successfully tested in North American medical and public health students, and in community health workers and primary care physicians in Kenya and in India -- showing identical knowledge gain and greater student satisfaction compared with traditional courses, positive effects on complex health worker behaviors (like counselling) and attitudes (like stigma), and the creation of a global community of learning and practice. now offers our ultimate goal, the world's first free degrees: a full Masters' degree program in Public Health, the complete reading materials for a 4-year MedSchoolInABox, and Graduate Medical Education (in Preventive Medicine).  Courses are competency-based, ranging from undergraduate and community health worker training, through Continuing Medical Education, and include a local or global peer community, and skills-oriented mentorships. Please come learn more about us or have a look at our available courses. Founding Collaborators & Funders
- Africa Mental Health Foundation - Frank Foundation for International Health - Physicians for Social Responsibility
- American Association of Public Health Physicians - Fundacion Santa Fe Bogota - Public Health Foundation of India
- American College of Preventive Medicine - Grand Challenges Canada - Society for Academic Emergency Medicine
- American College of Sports Medicine - Health Care Without Harm - Stanford/Digital MEdIC
- American Medical Student Association - ILLAHIE Foundation - U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
- Annenberg Physician Training Program - Institute for Lifestyle Medicine at Harvard - Universidad de los Andes
- Association of Prevention Teaching and Research - International Federation of Medical Student Associations - University of the Incarnate Word
- Canadian International Development Agency
- International Federation of Obstetricians & Gynecologists - Universidad San Francisco de Quito
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, U.S - International Primary Care Respiratory Group - World Medical Association
College of Surgeons of East/Central/Southern Africa - International Society of Doctors for the Environment - World Health Organization
David Suzuki Foundation - Latin American Pediatric Association - Sociometrics
Emory University Center for Injury Control - Margaret Kendrick Blodgett Foundation
European Lifestyle Medicine Organization - Medical Women’s International Association
- NATO Science for Peace
  Please take one of our available courses, or learn more about our upcoming courses or learn about us.
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