Module 6: Lesson 1: Suicidal Patient Part 2 (continued from Module 5): Peer ActivityHelp with Workshop planner

Setup phase
Submission phase
Assessment phase
Grading evaluation phase
  • Late submissions are allowed
Instructions for assessment
  1. Was the submission between 100-300 words?
  2. Were there no patient identifiers?
  3. Did your peer describe their initial thoughts or reactions from Part 1 of this activity, including at least one concern, worry, or fear, and whether those feeling have changed?
  4. Did your peer describe at least two ways they would feel comfortable asking about suicide or self-harm, and how it felt to ask those questions out loud?
  5. Did your peer describe the course of action they would take if they had a patient who felt suicidal or engaged in self-harm, and why they would take that specific course of action?
Assigned submissions to assess

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