Optional Peer Activity: Learning to take action through petitionsHelp with Workshop planner

Setup phase
Submission phase
Assessment phase
Grading evaluation phase
Instructions for submission

Criteria for submission:

  1. Select and sign a relevant climate change and health-related petition from a credible website, and send your peers the URL for the site, and paste it here, too – we’ll create a database of climate change and health petitions from this.
  2. Go to http://www.thepetitionsite.com/create.html (or another site of your choosing) and draft your own petition (with up to 4 colleagues), following their instructions.
  3. Share that draft with your 3 peers. Once everyone has accepted your draft, post it on the site and share with the 3 peers and at least 5 others, encouraging them to sign.
  4. Before you complete the NextGenU Climate Change and Health course, send your petition with the signatures to the targeted official (e.g. a legislator or a company president).