Peer Activity: Learning to take action through letter writingHelp with Workshop planner

Setup phase
Submission phase
Assessment phase
Grading evaluation phase
Instructions for submission

Criteria for submission:

  1. The subject of the letter is an important topic in climate change, and your main message is clear.
  2. The publication is aimed at a relevant individual or audience for this message. The publication’s “Letters to the Editor” instructions are followed (and you’ve pasted them in your document for your peers to check that it’s done correctly), or (if you’re writing to a public official) you’ve written an appropriately formatted letter. 

Next stages: (a) receive your peers’ feedback, (b) incorporate their suggestions reasonably, (c) submit the letter, and (d) report to us here (and we’ll post it for your peers and the world to see) where you submitted it, showing the name and contact info (i.e.: Dr. A. Doctor,, or The Honorable SoAndSo, MyGovernmentOfficial@ MyGovernment.mycountry).