Optional Peer Activity: Calculate your carbon footprintHelp with Workshop planner

Setup phase
Submission phase
Assessment phase
Grading evaluation phase
Instructions for submission

Criteria for submission:

  1. The submission is 400-600 words total.
  2. Calculate your carbon footprint at http://www.carbonfootprint.com/ calculator.aspx, or another calculator available online, let us know which calculator you used (and if you’d like, why you used it), and describe what your footprint looks like in relation to the average in your country and the world. Be sure to include your thoughts about any surprises in your greenhouse gas emissions.
  3. Describe how you felt about your carbon footprint.
  4. Include at least one way in which you plan to try to change your behaviors or those of others to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the next month, or explain why you have chosen not to do anything.
  5. (a)Describe whether and how you believe that this action (or inaction, if you plan no changes) could affect your health and the health of other people and other species.
    (b) State whether and explain why the change will be important or inconsequential, and positive or negative. (c) Describe how you could make it most likely that your behavior is positive and meaningful.

Other questions that you may consider as you write your reflection:

  1. Which calculator did you use, and what areas of ‘consumption’ does this calculator measure?
  2. Would you add or change any areas to this calculator? What? Why?
  3. If you could ask the designers of the calculator any questions about carbon or ecofoot-printing (as a “tool” or as a “science”), what would you ask them?
  4. In which area(s) is your carbon footprint the largest, and why? Did you discover anything new or surprising about your lifestyle? Did the role of any particular activity (such as eating, airline travel, other transportation) surprise you?
  5. To what extent do you have control over these areas of your and others’ consumption?
  6. What are additional actions that you can take to reduce both your carbon footprint and the carbon footprint of others?
  7. What challenges/obstacles do you expect to face in terms of these actions for reduction?
  8. What are some of the ways that you may address these challenges?
  9. In your opinion, is this carbon-footprint exercise and discussion an effective tool to create positive and meaningful behavioral change?