Mentored Activity: Standards

Meet with your mentor on the phone, through a free online communication program like Skype, or in person. Discuss with your mentor some local mental health and addiction legislation and policies related to human rights, informed consent, confidentiality, and access to care. Your mentor will evaluate you on the following criteria:

a) Discuss:

-  How or whether the local legislation and policies align with international standards

-  How or whether the local legislation and policies are implemented

-  What are the challenges and successes of implementing local legislations and policies

-  How the trainee could implement one realistic change in his/her practice to promote human rights, adequate consent and confidentiality, or improved access to care

b)   Be well prepared and knowledgeable in relation to the best practices recommended in the learning resources of this module

c)    Be able to suggest some adaptations that seem appropriate for the local context, and be able to discuss them in relation to best practices

d)   Be receptive to the suggestions from the mentor and engage in constructive clinical discussions