Mentored Activity: Tobacco Brief Intervention

Ask your mentor to select someone who smokes tobacco, and who agrees to receive a tobacco brief intervention performed by you. With your mentor present (through videoconference with a program such as Skype (for example), teleconference, or in person), demonstrate how to assess someone’s tobacco and other substance use and conduct a brief intervention to address tobacco use (and other substance use, if appropriate). Have your mentor evaluate you using the WHO’s criteria found in Appendix 2  (pp. 42-45). Be sure to discuss your performance with your mentor for each of the categories of the assessment scale in the Appendix 2.

This is a formative activity, and although your mentor will give you feedback based on the WHO criteria, they will only assess you on the following questions:

Did your trainee complete this activity?  Yes    No 

Did your trainee seem prepared for this activity? Yes    No 

Was your trainee receptive to feedback on how to improve? Yes    No